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PRESS RELEASE: Introducing ... Empowering Women NFP

Chicago, September 7th, 2020

Empowering Women is a Chicago, Illinois based charitable organization (501c3) dedicated to providing services to women and girl domestic violence survivors. Founded by Arshia Hasnain, its mission is to break the cycle of domestic violence against women, helping survivors achieve financial independence, self-sufficiency, and emotional wellbeing. We are committed to enhancing (and ensuring) access to financial literacy, legal assistance, professional mental health, emotional wellbeing services and self-defense techniques, so women survivors can independently achieve their fullest potential. Empowering Women NFP is trauma informed.

At Empowering Women NFP our dedicated team reflects the diversity of the women and girls we help. Our team members have, on average, over 15 years of experience helping empower women. Arshia Hasnain, Colleen Hurley, Dr. Mumtaz Husain, Farvah Lakhani, Sahar Ahmad and Sarah Hussain as well as Sena Alinco and Diana Rodriguez, each bring their strengths and professionalism to this cohesive team.

With our own diverse cultural backgrounds, we work very effectively with a broad range of underserved minority communities in Chicago including the African-American, Latino and South Asian communities. Our geographic focus is Chicago’s West Side, South Side and Rogers Park, where we are seeing the most immediate need for our services. We arrange for temporary emergency shelter as needed to protect the immediate physical and mental wellbeing of those we serve. Everyone on the team is trauma-informed and our programs are trauma-centric to reflect the reality of domestic violence.

Our team collaborates with schools, colleges, religious institutions, CAPS, and conducts small group meetings at the community grass-roots level, to bring awareness of domestic violence and resources available to survivors. Our outreach has twin goals, namely awareness building and collective solving of the issue of domestic violence against women. All done in a culturally sensitive and survivor-empowering way.

At Empowering Women, we aim to reduce social problems that arise when women and girls are marginalized, and we believe that at the core of this marginalization is the issue of domestic violence. We seek to treat the issue and fix multiple problems.

To learn more about our us and our work, please visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Arshia Hasnain, Founder and Executive Director

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