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Empowerment through differences - Excited to introduce Hiba Tariq our high school blogger!

Hello there! My name’s Hiba and I’m going to be a junior in high school! My friends and I love going on walks together and shopping at our local mall. I thought of something I could do over the summer and during junior year and I thought of something like a social project! The purpose of my project is to highlight minority cultures and bring them into the light, making everyone aware of them in a good way. So I’m writing blogs about how and what I’m doing to highlight those cultures. I do however plan to start the project with my school. There is a lot of the majority and I noticed the minority being left out and picked on so I plan to help with that by joining my student council. Once I do join I plan to hold a picnic or a cook out of different foods from each of our cultures. In the picnic I want everyone to talk about their cultural foods and the different ingredients used in it. I also want to hold language debates. In the debates I want people to choose their partner and a piece of paper. On the paper is a sentence in English and the partners translate it in their languages. Then, both compare the similarities and differences of their language. It's a fun learning activity that introduces different languages to people, raising awareness and normalizing our differences. I have more fun activities to bring awareness to. And once I tackle awareness in my school, I plan to move towards my local park district, bringing my neighborhood together to share their backgrounds. I want everyone to know and celebrate our differences rather than be insecure about them. While this introduction is all I have for you guys, stay tuned for another empowering message!

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